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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Profile of Author Robert Kerins of the Lewiston Writers Group

Robert Kerins

Robert Kerins retired after serving over 20 years as a police officer and lieutenant. He’s investigated every crime from Abandoned Children to Welfare Fraud. After his police career, he worked in disaster relief for fifteen years, and retired in 2008. His disaster relief work took him to all parts of the U.S., including Puerto Rico, Guam, and Saipan. He now spends his time writing. He lives in Lewiston, NY with his wife.

While investigating the homicide of a teenage girl, Detective Lieutenant Alec Theron and his partner, Orca learn the murdered girl's English teacher had been having illicit sex with the 14-year-old. The detectives must pit their skills against interference from the suspect's mother, who is a backroom political powerhouse. 

Detective lieutenant Alec Theron and his detective partner Orson "Orca" Sanders are at it again. This time they've discovered a severed head. The case leads them to a series of missing tourists and visitors to Niagara Falls. The reason for their disappearances scares the bejesus out of them.
Meanwhile, a group of senior citizens have devised a unique way to finance one of their owns cancer treatments.

A happily married man whose wife cannot bear children takes matters into his own hands.

When the bodies of four teenage girls, are found tied to a rope and floating in the lower Niagara River, the best investigator in the county, police officer Alec Theron, takes on the case. Theron fights a shadowy organization whose main activity is human trafficking for prostitution, using the Niagara River along the Canadian–American border. 
The evidence points to a fifth girl who survived the drowning and is out there somewhere. Theron suspects that she fears she will be caught by the smugglers and killed, but she’s more afraid that she will be found by the authorities and sent back. Theron finds the girl and she is able to identify the men who drowned her friends. The girl leads him to the criminal organization. Theron’s investigation uncovers the secrets of this organization and threatens to topple the empire they’ve built and run for decades. Theron collides with the criminals in the rapids above the roaring Niagara Falls. The climax takes place in the rushing water, literally feet from the brink of the falls.

Niagara Falls police detective, Alec Theron, meets Jalila Rouchai, and love blossoms almost immediately. When Jalila and her young son leave to pay respects to her husband’s grave at Arlington, her brother-in-law, Masood, abducts them. A radical Muslim and childless, Masood insists that he raise his brother’s son under his own perverse interpretation of the Quran. Theron rescues his new love and her son. Theron learns that Masood is a high-ranking terrorist preparing to attack the U.S. with a bio-weapon.
As one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Niagara Falls attracts tourists from all over the globe. Now it has drawn Masood. His terrorist cell has obtained a super smallpox virus and a means to spray the deadly mist over the thousands of tourists visiting the falls at Niagara. His victims will carry the deadly disease around the infidel world.
Theron, working with the FBI, must infiltrate the terrorists’ bio-lab to render their weapon harmless, and then capture all members of the cell. At the same time, he must stop Masood from taking his lover’s young son.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Leaving Kate by JD Corbett


First, I want to thank JD Corbett for providing me with this book so I can bring you this review.

Leaving Kate is the first book I have had the honor to read and review JD Corbett. This story was very powerful on many levels. This book touched on so many relevant topics today that need to be addressed. So many times I wanted to jump into the book and hug the characters.

I loved the fact that Kate and Ernest were both twins. I loved how their parents named them after Ernest Hemingway and his second wife Pauline. Their mom looked up to that couple.

My heart went out to Eric whose father was killed while in active duty in the Marines. He was only 9 years old when he opened the door to uniformed officers and found out the news. No child should have to find out that way. In a twist to the story I love how Eric wanted to enlist and make his Dad proud.

I was very interested to learn about the grief camp that Eric took Kate to. It is a camp that they bring children to whose parent were killed in line of duty. They work with councilors and play with the horses. Eric was very good with the kids and it melted my heart.

I despised Kate’s step father and how he treated her. No parent or any man should treat any woman the way he was treating her. Sober or drunk.

I loved the friendship and budding relationship that Eric and Kate were forming.

Perfect date night for Eric and Kate!! Watching The Notebook underneath the stars!

I enjoyed getting to know JD Corbett at the end of the book there is a write up about her. You can tell that she has a passion for writing and extremely talented at it too. I would be honored to read and review for her again.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Binding Contracts by Jamie Sterling

First, I want to thank Jamie Sterling for providing me with this book so I may bring you this review.
Binding Contracts by Jamie Sterling I enjoyed much more than I did her previous book Captured Hunter! In fact, I think I found a new favorite Erotic Author in Jamie Sterling!

Jamie you had me hooked line and sinker from the first page. Believe it or not that situation in the first part of the book happened to me! So, It was like I was reading my story! You nailed it on the head with the emotions Tara was feeling! I was team Tara on this one!!! I was emotionally involved with this story at this point! I needed to know what Spenser was going to do next now that he was no longer going to be with her.

Jamie picked a storyline that I always wondered what would happen if that happened in real life. Being on dating sites myself (not the type of ones in the book) you wonder if a coworker or a client you work with is on the same dating site and what if you messaged them not knowing. Well, this is what happens in the book. There is a unique twist to it. Spencer is into BDSM and is on the dating website that his client Denise just signed up for. She doesn’t know that he is the one messaging her. Oh the story gets so juicy!!

One thing I loved about this story and Jamie’s writing was it was written tastefully. Not like many other BDSM books you read where it is pure sex. This one actually had a really good story to it. She developed the characters well so you got to know them. She made it so Spenser was not pressuring Denise to go faster than she was being new to the lifestyle.

Leslie was an amazing best friend who gave amazing advice. She was right all along!
Dating and finding that perfect man is hard. But WOW! That blind date she went on took the cake!!! He even freaked me out and I was just reading the book.

I love how authors write about the author pages in the book. I enjoy getting a glimpse into the person whom works so hard on writing their book for us readers. As Jamie is so passionate about writing is the way I feel about reading and reviewing for her. You can tell especially in this book her passion for writing and her subject matter.  To me that makes a great writer.

Captured Hunter by Jamie Sterling

First, I want to thank Jamie Sterling for providing me with this book so I may bring you this review.

Captured Hunter by Jamie Sterling I can honestly say is the most unique BDSM book I have ever read before. If I didn’t know a head of time that it was that genre of book you would never guess it.

This book started out very innocently. I actually liked how Hunter met Dr. Stephanie research astronomer and assistant chair of the Astronomy Department at the University.  She was giving a tour and they hit it off.  They seemed like a good pair both into science related stuff.

If I were Stephanie I don’t think I would appreciate a guy taking me to a Haunted House on a date. Especially where there were ghosts.

The story in my eyes got good when he confessed about a secret he had. He liked Stephanie a lot and didn’t want to hurt her feelings but needed to tell her. He risked losing her but it was something he was willing to do.

This book starts out very slow in my opinion and then heats up at the end. 

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Crazy Little Town Called Love by Jill Hannah Anderson

First, I would like to thank Jill Hannah Anderson and PandaMoon Publishing for providing me with this book so I may bring you this review.

Crazy Little Town Called Love by Jill Hannah Anderson is the sequel to her amazing first book The Hell-and-Back Club. If you have not read that book it is a must read!! This book I feel though could be read as a stand alone rather than in order.

I am very moved and honored to see my Heidilynn’s BookReviews name/service in the Acknowledgements in Jill’s book.  I feel extremely blessed to be reading and reviewing for Jill Hannah Anderson and Pandamoon Publishing.

So many times in this book did my heart go out to Molly!! Her boyfriend leaving her, members of the community harassing her by telling her you don’t belong here, etc.

I loved the friendship that was slowly building up between Jackson and Molly. However, Jackson is cautious because he always jumps into things too fast and Molly just getting over Nick.  However, the chemistry is there.

I loved the small town setting of Love. The characters that would come into Rosie’s shop that now Molly was taking over I loved.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Romancing JT Millionaire Romance by Anastasia Alexander

First, I want to thank Anastasia Alexander for providing me with this book so I can bring you this review.

If you are a fan of the Bachelorette or the Bachelor then Anastasia Alexander’s Romancing JT Millionaire Romance is just the book for you. Just an fyi JT is NOT Justin Timberlake as I found out while reading the book. Seriously though I literally felt like I was on the set of a reality show trying to figure out who was going to win his heart! To be a fly on the wall was pretty cool seeing I like those reality shows.  

My heart went out to JT whom was grieving the loss of his wife. Yet, his business partner made him go on the show even though his heart was not ready to move on.

It was  a very interesting book.


Cover Revel

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Ex-Wife The Nail Biting Psychological Thriller by Jess Rider

First, I want to thank Jess Ryder, Bookouture, and NetGalley for providing me with this book so I may bring you this review.

Jess Ryder is now officially one of my favorite new authors!! The Ex-Wife was just the physiological thriller that I was totally craving!!! Jess did an amazing job at sucking you into the story and captivating you the whole way through. Beware once you start this book you wont want to stop reading it until it is done. Trust me you wont want the book to end-it is that good!!!

If you like books that are extremely fast paced drama, infidelity, major car pile up, abduction, lying, changing identity, ex drama, spousal mid life crisis, coma’s, fake deaths, reinventing yourself, not knowing where the story is going to go, then this book is for you.

The book goes from back in time to present day to make the story very interesting.
I started liking the husband Nicky and by the end of the book hated him with a passion!! Once a cheater always a cheater!! My heart went out to Natasha his second wife so many times during this book!!

Monday, May 21, 2018

Review Policy

Review Policy

First, and foremost thank you for inquiring about Heidi Lynn’s Book Reviews. Where I am extremely passionate about reading and reviewing for both Indie and Best selling authors. Reading for me is an escape from reality. I understand how hard you authors work at creating amazing stories and want to get that out to the public. That is where I come in I want to help promote you by reading and reviewing your books and posting them on my site here, Amazon, GoodReads, my Facebook Page, and can post covers and teasers on Instagram. I also work closely with Candid Book Reviews and Pandamoon Publishing as well as NetGalley.

The genres I will read are as follows:
Psychological Thrillers
Christian Romance
True Crime
Contemporary Fiction
Medical Drama

What I will NOT read:
Shape Shifters
Historical Fiction or Non Fiction
Hard Core Sexual Books with Triggers

*I have the right to decide what book I want to read and review. Please don’t take it personally if I don’t want to review your book. If I don’t care for your genre or can’t get into your book how can I give you a fair review?*

Please understand I get a lot of requests as well so please allow 3 weeks to a month for your review to be posted. If you know when your book will be coming out let me know that as well. If you have a cover, teaser, promo let me know that as well.

If interested please email me at please include the following when you do.
Your Name (first and last)

That you saw me on this site

Your book genre

Name of your book

A synopsis of your book and or a link to your book

Any time frame you need it by

What social media sites of that I post to are you on (you must friend me on fb if you want me to tag you)

I accept hard copy books mailed to me, mobi and pdf. I also have done Book Funnel and Insta Freebie.

Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you.

Candid Book Reviews

Friday, May 18, 2018

One Last Chance by Nancy Stopper

First, I want to thank Nancy Stopper for providing me with this book so I may bring you this review.

One Last Chance by Nancy Stopper is Book 3 in the Oak Grove Series. I highly suggest you read this book after you read the others to get a sense of the characters and the story line. This is not a standalone book However, I will warn you that In this book might not be for everyone. Especially if you were once in a verbally or physically abusive relationship. It may bring up bad memories for you. There are some violent scenes in the book as well.

I absolutely LOVED this book for so many reasons! Rachel proved over and over again what was not going to kill her was going to make her stronger- no matter what she was going through. Thank God she had the love and support from her brothers, Sawyer, and eventually her parents. So many times my heart ached for Rachel and I wanted to reach into the book just to give her a big hug!! Nobody should ever go though what she went through or live in fear like she did.

What I was glad to see that through all of this she was able to find happiness in the end. She found strength and she found herself again.

The Lies We Believe by TK Chapin

First, I want to thank T.K. Chapin for providing me with this book so I may bring you this review.

The Lies We Believe in my opinion the best book he is ever written hands down! I am a huge fan of his work. This book was incredibly suspenseful with a lot of twists and turns that had you on the edge of your seat. At times you wanted to hug Ron for all he went through. Also worried about Emily!
With true T.K. fashion he sticks to his strong faith roots. This book focuses on what happens when Ron’s daughter Emily joins a new age church/cult. This is a subject I had never read about so it made for an interesting read.

I really enjoyed how Ron and Theresa met in the grocery store and their immediate connection. Their story is one that does not happen every day and is nice to read about. Theresa was good for him and was there for him in his time of need.

I loved the fact that T.K put a character by the name of Heidi in the book. Not many characters with my name are mentioned. That put a smile on my face.

This is a great genre for T.K. and I really hope he writes more books like this. 

One Last Objection by Nancy Stopper

First, I would like to thank Nancy Stopper for providing me with this book so I may bring you this review.

One Last Objection by Nancy Stopper is book 4 in the Oak Grove Series. This can be read as a Standalone. However, past characters from previous books show up in this book. For example, we learn in this book that Rachel broke up with Shane (thank God for that) and is now dating Sawyer! He has been so supportive in this book! Joey and Brittney are still together and doing well. However, Joey is having a hard time dealing with a family matter he just found out about.

Out of all the books in the series this was by far my favorite book out of all of them. I really enjoyed reading Michael and Maggie’s story and how it all unfolded. From the first scene they were in Nancy had you hooked! So many ups, downs, and twists and turns with that relationship. I was so happy for Maggie but I felt that Michael was putting it on way too thick. I didn’t blame her for getting PIH after dealing with everything she was going through.

Rachel’s situation pulled on my heart strings a little bit by learning more about birth Dad and that she had another family. However, I felt for her family that raised her as well. It was a complicated situation. But I could understand why Rachel would want to know her sisters and brother.

Only the Pretty Ones A Angry Girl Crime Stories by Karen M. Bryson

First, I have to thank Karen M. Bryson for providing me with this book so I may bring you this book.

Only the Pretty Ones an Angry Girl Crime Story by Karen M. Bryson is the BEST MYSTERY BOOK I have read in a long time!! I have not read from this author before but I will read anything she writes from now on hands down! Once I picked this book up I could not put it down until I knew the ending. WOW the ending was epic! I had an evil laugh at the end of it!! Flynn was my hero!!
This book has must be made into Lifetime TV Movie all over it! I would gladly be watching all the events and drama unfold! If you like books with a lot of twists and turns, abducting, blackmail, sisters who have eachothers backs, shocking moments, moments that will make you tear up, sick twisted senators and his messed up son, past family trauma, bad memories, love in unique places, and you actually wanting to jump in the book yourself and get revenge-then you must read this book!!

My heart went out to both of the sisters for what they both went through past, present! I just wanted to give them a big hug!! NO woman ever deserves what they went through!!!!

Missing by Adiva Geffen

First, I want to thank Adiva Geffen for providing me with this book so I may bring you this review.

Adiva Geffen started out her novel Missing right away by grasping the readers attention with the first few lines of the story. New to her writing and story lines I was unsure of what to expect. I knew it was going to be a mystery about a missing girl. I enjoy reading these types of stories. This one did not disappoint.
Advia made you question throughout the book who Davita was and what kind of person she was. Why would she go missing? Why would so many people be so secretive about it? It was the edge of your seat kind of book.

Another's Child by Einat Danon

First, I would like to thank Einat Danan for providing me with this book so I may bring this review.

Another’s Child was written by Einat Danan and translated from the Hebrew by Tali Shilon. This was my first time reading any of her work and was not sure what to expect. However, I knew I loved the write up and the concept of the book. I ended up loving the book.

Einat’s character Noa touched my heart in so many ways though out the book. Such a young girl to go through such a tragedy at such a young age. Plus, she had a hard time coming to terms with it. There were many times in the book I wanted to reach out to her and hug her. Plus, I admit I cried as well many times throughout the book.

In His Love by T.K. Chapin

First, I want to thank TK Chapin for providing me with this book so I may bring you this review.

In His Love by TK Chapin is part of the Diamond Lake Series in where in can be read as a standalone or as part of a series. However, you do see past characters such as Serenah and Charlie. Whom are two of my fave characters. This book is unlike any of his other books TK has written as the focus of the book is not one he has ever addressed before. This time he tackled homosexuality and how it plays a part in today’s society in Christianity. Tackling many of the views (some positive and some negative) that some in society have on the issue. Then also how faith and god play a role into it as well.

This book definitely had a lot of ups and downs to it. You thought you knew where the book was heading but the ending was not at all what you thought it would be. The book in me brought out a lot of emotions in me from sadness there are people in this world who cant accept homosexuality, anger for how the LGBT community treated Billy, peace knowing that Billy found Jesus at the end, upset at the events that took place at his birthday party years ago, thankful for Johns budding friendship with Kate, and John being more understanding of his own gay brother.

One thing I liked most about the book is that Billy’s Mom Jenna never gave up hope that he never committed suicide. She knew in her heart that he could not have taken his own life. She with the help of John was determined to find out what really happened to him. John learned a lot about himself throughout this journey. It made him a better man overall.

Life in a Box by L.S. Einat

First, I want to thank Einat Lifshitz Shem-Tov for providing me with this book so I may bring you this review.

Life In A Box is the first book I read from Einat Lifshitz Shem-Tov. With reading a new author you are unfamiliar with their writing style you are never sure what you are going to think of the book. I can tell you that from the FIRST line of the book she had me hooked! Wow!! What an incredible tragedy to bring a reader into the book and immediately be in shock! Then to pull on the heart strings of the reader and be totally sad and want to hug Eva to comfort her. She thought she knew who her family was but she had no clue who they were.
If you love a good mystery with a lot of twists and turns in the story then you will totally love this book.

Black Dog Nights The Club Series by Karen M. Bryson

First, I would like to thank Karen M. Bryson whom is writing as Ren Monterrey for providing me with this book so I may bring you this review.

Black Dog Nights was written under the pen name of Ren Monterrey for the Club Series. However, Black Dog Nights was broken up into three different parts. Each part was better than the part before! This book had a hold on me like no other book I have read in a long time. The storyline was so fresh and new! As I read it the movie version played in my head. Yes, I would so see this in a movie theatre!!

This book had so many twists and turns that it kept you on the edge of your seat wanting more!! So many times in the book I wish I was Rose! I am not just talking for the amazing sex scenes either!! There were way more times that pulled on my heart strings. Warning you get your tissues out because you will need them! There are times I cried!!!

I seriously did not want this book to end!!

Sapphire Beautiful The Club Series by Karen M. Bryson

First, I want to thank Karen M. Bryson whom is writing as Ren Monterrey for providing me with this book so I may bring you this review.

Sapphire Beautiful is the second book in the The Club Series. These books can be read as standalones as they are not meant to be read as a series. However, I am seeing a trend in the books that I am reading. They all have sexual arrangements in various situations. With the past book in the series there were a lot of sex scenes in this book.

My heart went out to Dr. Mary Pine for so many reasons. Her professor husband was in the middle of a sex scandal and ended up killing himself. She was devastated. Not to mention he left her with a lot of bills to pay! She totally went way out of her comfort zone to get the money she needed. However, what she found in the long run was more than she bargained for.

Out of the Shadows Ana Stone

First, I want to thank Ana Stone for providing me with this book so I may bring you this review.

Out of the Shadows is the first book of the Renegades written by Ana Stone. This is Ciana Stone’s pen name and being a fan of Ciana I had to read this book. What I loved about this book is it is a total opposite of what we are used to reading from her other genre. This does have romance but it doesn’t have the heat as the other stories do.

I absolutely LOVED the story of Zeke and Roxy. The bond these two had that they had even though they never met before. However, they both had unique pasts that had common threads. It was like a strong force was pulling them together from above. Learning about their pasts and who they are now was cool. It was a love story like anything I have ever read before.

If you like gun violence, gangs, family feuding this book maybe for you. However, I more the love story aspect.

Wise Before Their Time By Ann Richardson and Dietmar Bolle Foreward by Sir Ian McKellen

First, I want to thank Ann Richardson Dietmar Bolle with a Foreward by Sir Iam McKellen for providing me with this book so I may provide you with this review.

Wise Before Their Time People With AIDS and HIV Talk about Their Lives by Ann Richardson a very compassionate look at the lives and daily struggles of people living with HIV and AIDS. A book that you will definitely need your tissues for. A book that will show you that living with HIV and AIDS is not an easy one and each individual is very courageous for going through this battle. You will get a better understanding of the personal and clinical side of this disease.

Throughout this book you will read stories of individuals whom have HIV and AIDS. Each story will touch your hearts in different ways. Many will tell you how they found out they got the disease, how they told their families, what life is like for them now, etc. You will learn that it is not just a gay disease and that even babies can get this. After reading these stories you will never look the same at this disease the same way again.
Words could not express how my heart ached Ann Richardson whom lost her dear friend and co-author of this book Dietmar Bolle to AIDS. It would have been 25 years since his passing. Deitmar had a heart of gold, a passion for helping people and making a difference in their lives. In all of his achievements he accomplished he truly changed these people’s lives for the better. He was truly an incredible man that I would have loved to have the honor to meet. Dietmar Bolle thank you for everything you did for the AIDS/HIV community.

Mark from Canada mentioned something in this book that I loved “Many express a love of being alive and the need not to take things for granted.” “In the life, I am very much an observer. I like to be looking, the people, the things. I have a marvelous relationship with one of my nephews, I love him very much. And to see him growing each day, it is a marvelous for me.”

Everything We Need Finding Forever Book 4 Rebecca Raine

First, I want to thank Rebecca Raine for providing me with this book so I may bring you this review.

Everything We Need is the fourth book in Rebecca Raine’s series Finding Forever. I am a huge fan of hers and this series. So It was a no brainer when this book came out that I must read it. She did an amazing job this time around as all the other books she has written in the past!

Rebecca wrote a story that was new and fresh and that has never been done before. At least not that I have ever read before. I loved all three of the main characters of the story. Totally loved how Trina got met Jeremy under false pretenses only to find out later his true self. Then you have Brady who was in awe of Trina....but Jeremy as well. It made for a very interesting story!! One that I really enjoyed reading.

One thing I liked most about the book was there was a really good storyline to it PLUS sex!

All The Broken Pieces Finding Forever by Rebecca Raine

First, I want to thank Rebecca Raine for providing me with this book so I can bring you this review.

All The Broken Pieces Finding Forever, Book 5 by Rebecca Raine is the first gay romance book she has ever done. I commend her for that! In the past she has done ménage with two guys and a girl but never with just two guys.

I absolutely loved how this book was dedicated to all the same-sex couples who are now legally able to marry in Australia.

The cover is couldn’t be hotter with two handsome men gracing the cover. Kudos to another one of my favorite authors Syneca Featherstone.
Jeremy did something after his last relationship broke up that I wish most men did. After realizing going from one relationship to the next wasn’t going to help heal his broken heart from Aaron, he took a step back from dating. He realized he needed to be ok on his own and trust himself before he could be with someone else. Many men don’t get that they need to heal before jumping into another relationship.

I loved the friendship that Jeremy and Harrison was forming. Dam can Rebecca write dam good gay sex scenes!! The way she wrote them made it very enjoyable to read!!

About That Summer Every Summer Has a Story Book 1

First, I want to thank Brooke Moss for providing me with this book so I may bring you this review.

Here to Campfires and S’mores by Brooke Moss Wow! What a powerful book! Three girls meet at Camp Chimalis right after Molly’s father passes away. She meets Bree and April whom become her BFF’s both seem cool as heck. They share some great times together as kids and as adults. Some hard to swallow scenes pull on your heart strings.

I loved the part where they are talking about the musical group the Cranberries and Delores O’Rierdon (may she RIP). Plus all the other references to the 90’s!

Lies from a Long Ago by Reign Waters-Grey

First, I want to thank Reign Waters-Grey for providing me with this book so I may bring you with this review.

Lies From Long Ago Sex, Lies, and Thanksgiving Dinner by Reign Waters Grey was not the book I was expecting it to be! It was actually better! Reign Waters-Grey was an author I had never read before and gave her and the book a chance. Oh I am so glad I did. I am an instant fan and will read anything this author writes!
This book had so many secrets, twist and turns, student/professor tyst, murder, heavy flirtation, suspense, an amazing fresh plot line that has never been before. This book had you on your toes the last page of the book. You never saw the end coming at all-at least I didn’t!
This would make such a great movie!

Temptation Island Murder in Paradise Series Rachel Woods

First, I want to thank Rachel Woods for providing me with this book so I may bring you with this review.

WOW!! Rachel Woods surprised the heck out of me with this book!!! Temptation Island Murder in Paradise was NOT the book I was expecting at all. Sure I knew it was going to be sex filled and was open to that. However, I had no clue how much mystery, suspense, blackmail, twists and turns, near rape scenes, nightmares, hidden cameras in odd places, unsuspected suspects, etc there would be in the book. I am a huge fan of books like this-so I was happy!!

This book’s storyline was unlike any other I had read before. It started off a little slow at first I admit. By the second or third chapter it really picked up. When it did pick up I could not put it down! I needed to know what happened. I was SHOCKED to see what happened at the end. I did NOT see it coming!

This is part of a series and I must read the second book in the series!! I am now a fan of this author!!

Mason James Heartbreakers and Heroes book 2 Ciana Stone

First, I want to thank Ciana Stone for providing me with this book so I may bring you this review.

Mason James is the second book in the Heartbreakers and Hero’s series. I have been a fan of Ciana’s work for a while and I can tell you this is the BEST book she has written that I have ever read. I would strongly encourage her to write more books like this!! It had everything for everyone. Not to mention there were 2 covers for this book. The original cover is the one that pulled on my heart strings and I knew I must read this book. It was of Mason and Tommy on the front cover. I didn’t need to know what the book was about. I just knew by that cover I was going to love that book. Then the other cover which I literally just saw after reading the book was Mason looking hot as heck!! I can understand why Ciana went that route as well. Overall amazing story and amazing covers!!

In the Dedication Ciana mentions her bestie Rita. I am glad she is a reminder to Ciana to always write from the heart. This book truly saw her heart shine bright!

Of all Ciana’s characters in all of her books Savanah and Mason hands down are my two fave. Savanah for all the pain and trauma she went through in her life. I wanted to reach into the book and give her a hug. She became a very strong person through all of that. Mason I loved because he opened up something in her that had been dormant for so long. He was brought happiness back into her world.

I loved the mystery aspect of this story and how it was not all just sex and romance. Yes, it had it’s passionate scenes but it also had an amazing and fresh plot. Oh and it had an adorable baby Tommy.
This is a book I would love to see on The Hallmark Channe

Freya The Confession An Amish Short Story

First, I want to thank Ashley Emily Emma for providing me with this book so I may bring you with this review.

Freya: The Confession An Amish Short Story by Ashley a was a very cute story. It was very quick, sweet and easy read. I have always enjoyed reading Amish style books and figured I would give this author a try. I was pleasantly surprised.

This book was filled with an terrible accident, forgiveness, shunning, remorse, running from abuse, etc.

On The Way To a Wedding by Suzanne Stengl

First, I want to thank Suzanne Stengl for providing me with this book so I may bring you this review.

On The Way to a Wedding Something Old, Something New Book 2 by Susan Stengl can be read as a standalone or as part of the series. I read it as a standalone and was able to follow the storyline. It was a very entertaining book. You had two couples who were totally wrong for eachother. A parent who was very controlling, who wouldn’t listen, and didn’t care what her daughter truly wanted. Then there is a saying everything happens for a reason. In the beginning of the book we meet Tori whom just got into a car accident. Luckily Ryder Is there to help her out.

In this story the Mother rubbed me the wrong way badly. She was only focused on her wants and needs financially and not what was best for her daughter. Meanwhile, this put a huge strain on their relationship. I wanted to go into the book and defend Tori and speak up for her. Her Mom made me so upset!

This book has a twist at the end that nobody saw coming-not even me!

Yes, Mr. Mitchell by Luxx Monroe

First, I have to thank Luxx Monroe for providing me with this book so that I may give you this review.

I have found my new fave author and new fave book of 2016!!! Luxx Monore Yes, Mr. Mitchell blew me away! Of course I knew it was going to have a taboo theme to it. However, what it gave you was so much more than just mind blowing sex!!! It had an amazing storyline with a lot of twists and curves to it. Not only that but I had no clue until the very ending of the book that this is a series! Yes!! Luxx left us with an amazing cliffhanger!! So folks this is part of a series!!! Now I can’t wait to get my hands on the second book!!

I am in LOVE with Nikki’s character!! She is so sweet and innocent and a virgin!! Little does she know whom she lost her virginity too! OMG the hott scenes that 18 year old freshman in college has!! Oh and Gallen Mitchell-DAM!! I wish he were my teacher back in the day!! Those two steamed up my kindle!!!

The detail that Luxx put into describing every scene in this book was incredible! The characters were relatable! The scenes were hott and steamy!! The twists and turns at the end of the book you never saw coming. I didn’t want the book to end!
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