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Saturday, October 27, 2018

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Review: Love's Trial By Melissa Storm

Author Melissa Storm

Love's Trial Book Trailer

Love's Trial
By Melissa Storm 
Review By HeidiLynn's Book Review

First, I want to thank USA’s Best Selling Author Melissa Storm for Providing me with this book so I may bring you this review.

Melissa Storm is back with her newest book in the First Street Church Romance Book Series. Love’s Trial is the fifth book n the series and I think the most powerful she has ever written. I have been a huge fan of hers and this series from book one. This book she poured her heart and soul into these storylines. You could tell she was incredibly passionate about each of the characters and it showed. So much so there were times when I wanted to go into the story and hug the characters.

I loved that we got reunited with past characters and got updates on them. Although, I was really shocked by Summer and her outburst!!

This book dealt with a lot of life issues can be related to a lot of readers out there. Some were more painful than others to read about. I was a little like Sally in a way not thinking I was good enough for the guy. I was the insecure one.

I really loved the bond that Sally and Tobias formed even though they both had issues they were dealing with. However, they grew together.

My absolute favorite part of the book hands down was the AMAZING surprise that Tobias gave to Sally!!! Dam if some guy ever did that for me I would be in heaven!!!!!

In the acknowledgements I love how she says that every book is a new labor of love, and that Love’s Trial was no exception.

This book is dedicated to Melissa Storm’s best writing buddy. She was the partial inspiration for Sally’s character. What she wrote about her best writing buddy will make you smile ear to ear. Those two make a great team.

I love how she mentions her husband Falcon, her daughter Phoenix, her lifesaver Angie, and Jasmine.

Review: Hot Seal Bourbon Neat

Author Parker Kincade
#Candid Book Review
Author Bio
USA Today Bestselling Author, Parker Kincade, writes edge-of-your-seat-sexy romantic suspense, hot and steamy sports romance, and contemporary western romance. Her first novel, One Night Stand, won the 2013 Reader’s Crown Award for Best First Book, the category of Best Erotic Romance in the Celtic Hearts Romance Writers Golden Claddagh contest, and was named finalist in the Romance Writers of America/Passionate Ink Stroke of Midnight contest.

Parker lives in the Southern United States. She loves to read, play golf, spend time with her family and friends, snuggle with her beloved boxer, ice cream from the ice cream truck, and watching old musicals.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Review: Her One Mistake by Heidi Perks

Author Heidi Perks

Her One Mistake 
By Heidi Perks
Review by HeidiLynn's Book Reviews

First, I want to thank Heidi Perks, Simon & Schuster, and NetGalley for providing me with this book so I can bring you this review.

Heidi Perks just became my favorite Psychological Thriller Author after reading Her One Mistake!! Heidi brings you into the story, introduces you to the characters, makes you think what is going on, then the ball is totally dropped on the reader!! Be prepared to have your jaw drop and the story to be switched. You think you know how the story will end-but you have no clue!!

I was very impressed with Heidi with how she developed the characters into the storyline. How we didn’t learn all their secrets all at once. Once we found out their true colors I was shocked! She is truly a gifted writer/storyteller who was passionate about this story. She definitely knows how to hook her readers into the story and not let go until the book is done.

The story was told in different perspectives from three different characters. Heidi also wrote in before the abduction and modern day. These two made the story very interesting.

Kudos to the graphic artist who did the cover of the book. I thought it was spot on to the theme of the book. Not to mention I really liked it.

There is one life lesson to take away from this book though. If you have kids and are out in public watch them and not your phone! Someone could snatch them while you are looking. Another thing is that Facebook and Social Media can be so cruel in situations like this. Talking bad about the person when you don’t know the truth or their side of the story. There are two sides to every story.

My heart broke for Harriet on so many occasions in this book. If anyone in this book needed a hug it would be her!! She was a strong woman through all of this!

Out of all the characters in this book Brian was the one I loathed the most. In the beginning of the book something was off about him. At the end of the book I was not a fan of all. Too many reasons why. You will have to read the book to find out why!

I loved how in the acknowledgements how she thanked her Mum. How ever since she was eight she told her she can write and she has never stopped supporting her since.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

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