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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

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EARN YOUR EXTRA CREDIT by Meghan Quinn Release Date: April 15th Genre: Contemporary Romance   EARN YOUR EXTRA CREDIT RELEASES APRIL 15TH IN BOTH EBOOK AND AUDIO! For the first time you will be able to get the ebook and audio version of Earn Your Extra Credit on April 15th. Narrated by Sebastian York and Erin Mallon, get ready to laugh out loud and fall deeper in love with Romeo and Stella.   Preorder: Add to Goodreads:  

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

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Where is he? Where’s my beloved child with his father’s blue eyes and a halo of golden curls? My little boy is out there on his own. Please keep him safe, I silently beg, please, please just keep him safe.

‘Your son is missing,’ they say, and life as I know it is over. ‘Where would he go?’ the police ask. ‘Where would he be?’ my daughter begs.

My heart races as images flash in my mind. The cabin we rent every autumn, surrounded by fiery red maple trees. Voices raised. Tears falling. A marriage falling apart. And worst of all my husband telling our child, Theo, to run.

Monday, March 29, 2021

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‘A little girl is missing from under her mother’s nose. She’ll be scared and vulnerable – if she’s still alive. But no one is helping us search. No one wants to give us information. No one even seems surprised. What’s going on?’

Sunday, March 28, 2021

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It starts with a chance sighting: a face from her past, someone Beth hasn’t thought about for years. Suddenly she feels a terrifying wave of panic – the flash of a memory, of crushing weight and pain, and the flicker of firelight and smoke. Something in Beth’s past has been disturbed… And nothing will ever be the same again.

Saturday, March 27, 2021

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Book Title: The Harder We Fall

Author: Rebecca Raine

Cover Artist: Bec Rivers

Release Date:  March 29,  2021

Genre: MM Romance

Trope: Hurt/Comfort

Themes: Grief, Penance, Personal Growth

Heat Rating: 4 flames

 Length: 70,000 words

It is a standalone book.

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Amazon US  |   Amazon UK  

For years, I’ve been bound by sleeplessness and sorrow. His voice threatens to set me free.

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A Chance Encounter

Julianna Baptiste, a feisty bodyguard, finds her new job tedious, that is until her boss, the evasive Jackson Haynes, spikes her curiosity. Who is behind the vicious threats to his beautiful wife and why is he interested in two estranged siblings?

Mark works for Haynes’s vast company. He’s hiding from ruthless money launderers.

His teenage sister Ellen has an online friend whom she has never met. Ellen guards a terrible secret.

For eight years their duplicitous father has languished in prison, claiming he is innocent of murder. The evidence against him is overwhelming, so why does Mark persist with an appeal?

Keen to prove her potential as an investigator, Julianna forces Mark to confront his mistakes. The consequences will put all their lives in danger.

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Thursday, March 25, 2021

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The first book of the Riverbend Romance series will release October 19 and is officially up for preorder! Here’s a sneak peek of the story:

When Deputy Cooper Robinson happens upon a car balanced on the edge of a cliff, he does everything he can think of to distract the distraught driver from her perilous situation—up to and including sharing things he’s never disclosed to anyone.

Likewise, an agitated Katie Loveland opens up to the deputy, and by the time she’s rescued, she’s formed an intense bond with the man. The traumatic accident makes Katie late to her first dinner with her boyfriend’s family.

#BlogTour #WhensTheWedding #OliviaSpring

When’s the Wedding? Dreaming of saying ‘I do’…

By Olivia Spring


She’s found the perfect man. Will she get her perfect proposal?


Dog hotel marketing manager Alex has always dreamed of having a fairy-tale proposal: the glorious sunset, iconic backdrop and rose petals – the whole shebang. She’s found her Mr Right, and life with sexy paediatrician Miles is wonderful, except for one thing. Despite saying that he’s ready for marriage, Miles seems no closer to putting a ring on it.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

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An inspiring story about getting back up when life knocks us down.

Lil Peter has trouble expressing his feelings and doesn’t know how to handle life’s ups and downs. Failure frustrates him! When Grandpa stays with his family for the summer, Lil Peter discovers there’s more to life than whether he wins or loses the games they play. 

Just when he’s about to give up, Grandpa teaches him a lesson he’ll never forget.  

Want to know what Lil Peter learns during his summer adventures with Grandpa?

Read Get Up, Lil Peter. Get Up! to find out now!

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Monday, March 22, 2021

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by Benjamin Risha


As the adopted son of two cult leaders, Benjamin Risha was raised to someday assume a place of leadership in the Tony and Susan Alamo Christian Foundation with the Bible, and his parents’ interpretation of it, as his guide. He believed the prophecies of his adoptive mother and father, which included them being the two prophets foretold in the Book of Revelations as preceding the second coming of Jesus Christ, them raising from the dead when they died, and such dire warnings as the ground opening up to swallow non-believers into hell. He was sure that Susan Alamo could raise the dead as promised.

However, when none of it happened, and the foundation slid from bucolic communal lifestyle to insufferable criminality that included absolute obedience to the Alamos, and polygamous marriages with girls as young as eight years old, Benjamin knew he had to escape. If he was caught trying to escape he would be beaten nearly to death, forced to go without food and water for his sins, and he would be shamed in the community. He embarked on a journey to locate his birth parents, discover the truth about a world he knew nothing about … and find himself.


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 The eBook version of SISTER DEAR by Hannah Mary McKinnon @hannahmarymckinnon is only $1.99 in the US and Canada for a limited time. Hurry! This huge price drop for the novel that spent six weeks on last year’s bestseller lists won’t last, and it includes an excerpt from Hannah Mary’s upcoming psychological suspense YOU WILL REMEMBER ME. Don’t miss this!

 What’s SISTER DEAR about…?


Saturday, March 20, 2021

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Nestled in the autumn leaves, her hair tangled in thick brambles, the girl looks like she could be sleeping amongst the wild roses. But the trail of red across her delicate throat means this is a slumber she will never wake from…

When a search party trawling Salem Island find a girl’s body curled on the damp earth, the hunt for missing waitress Emma Jacobis grinds to a devastating halt. The day before, Emma had come to Detective Charlie Winters convinced someone was watching her. In her trembling hand she held a sketch of herself sleeping peacefully with the stuffed rabbit she’d had since she was a child. On the back, scrawled in black ink: You will be mine…

Friday, March 19, 2021

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Who Do You Trust?

A perfect sunny day, a family celebration, a heart-stopping hour that changes everything...

Dana has all she ever wanted – a husband she loves, her four-year-old daughter Kelsey who is the apple of her eye, and another baby on the way to complete her perfect family.

But then the worst fear that Dana has, comes true, and everything she thought she knew, she now starts to doubt. As her world comes crashing around her, who can Dana trust?  

Her husband Logan who seems to be getting worryingly close to Dana’s best friend Pippa?

Her new friend Melanie who has a sinister habit of turning up in the strangest places?

Her parents and her sister, who Dana knows are keeping a terrible secret from her?

Matt, who says he’s Dana’s friend, but sometimes she’s not so sure?

Or will Dana discover that it’s a dangerous mistake to trust anyone…

Join Kirsty Ferguson on this heart-stopping, plot-twisting, roller coaster read, perfect for fans of Shari Lapena and Adele Parks.  

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Thursday, March 18, 2021

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He helped you move on… Until you discovered what he did.

Louisa Adams has done her best to hold herself together in the years since she lost her husband in a car accident. But each morning she wakes to find his side of the bed cold is more painful than the last, and she’s struggling to make ends meet as a writer. She must admit defeat and move into the crumbling seaside guest house her daughter just bought. Perhaps it might help put what’s left of their broken family back 


There, Louisa is offered a final chance to save her career by writing an article on a local sand artist, Isaac. Except, when he turns to greet her – tall, handsome and weather-worn – something about him feels disturbingly familiar. Why, when he looks into her eyes, does she feel like he knows exactly who she is and everything she’s been through?

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“This is a book about what happened when it felt like my life had fallen apart and how I put it back together. It’s about family, love and how to be happy despite your life turning out nothing like you planned.” 

Jessica Moxham thought she was prepared for the experience of motherhood. Armed with advice from friends and family, parenting books and antenatal classes, she felt ready. 

But after giving birth, she found herself facing a different, more uncertain reality to the one she had expected. Her son, Ben, was fighting to stay alive. When Jessica could finally take him home from hospital, the challenges were far from over. 

#NewCoverBlitz #Re-Release #StrippedBare #HeidiMcLaughlin #BuoniAmiciPress


Title: Stripped Bare 

Author: Heidi McLaughlin 

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

Release Date: March 18, 2021 

Hosted by: Buoni Amici Press, LLC.

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

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Title:  The Lake House  

Publication Day: March 17th 2021


Author:   Laura Wolfe 


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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

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One Thousand Days and One Cup of Tea

A Clinical Psychologist’s Experience of Grief

Vanessa Moore


A heartbreaking grief memoir, One Thousand Days and One Cup of Tea uncovers the process of healing from a personal and psychological view, written by a bereaved clinical psychologist.


Vanessa's husband Paul dies suddenly and tragically on their regular Sunday morning swim.

How will she cope with her dilapidated house, her teenage children, the patients who depend on her? Will therapy help? Why do mysterious white feathers start appearing in unexpected places?

Monday, March 15, 2021

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It’s My Party
Whitney Dineen
(Seven Brides for Seven Mothers #3)
Publication date: March 16th 2021
Genres: Adult, Comedy, Romance

High off her success of playing matchmaker for both of her sons, lodge owner Ruby Cavanaugh decides to try her hand pairing other eligible singles–starting with her executive chef and her new event coordinator.

Party planner Claire Choate has a cheating boyfriend who also happens to be her boss. After visiting Oregon for her brother’s wedding–which didn’t even happen–Claire is offered a job that gets her out of LA for good. How can she pass up an opportunity like that?

Even though he has little time for a social life, executive chef Geoffrey Bere loves his job. After a past complication left him gun shy about workplace entanglements, he lives by a strict, “no dating co-workers” policy. But when Claire Choate arrives on the scene, he finds himself ready to break his own rule.

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