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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Review A Christmas Forest By Rebecca Boxall

Author Rebecca Boxall

The Christmas Forest
By Rebecca Boxall
Review Written By 
Heidi Lynn's Book Reviews

First, I want to thank Rebecca Boxall, Lake Union Publishing and NetGalley for providing me this book so I may bring you this review.

The Christmas Forest by Rebecca Boxall is one of the few Christmas books that I have read that will stick close to my heart. This Christmas story is unlike I have ever read before. I prefer reading stories that are creative where the author thinks outside of the box. She did just that. For this very reason I would gladly read and review for her again.

Rebecca Boxall’s main character is Enid suffers from Asperger’s. What makes this book so unique and unforgettable is you see the world through her eyes.   You will see the joy she gets spending time with children and speaking about her love of owls. How they are on the same level she is. Sadly, in this book you will see her in panic mode and emotional lows as well.

My ultimate favorite story line that Rebecca did and needs to be highly commended for was the budding friendship between Enid and Fred. I have read and 190 books this year. No two characters deserved to be together more. Nor have I read a sweeter yet old fashioned love story than this one. Fred looked past Enid’s Asperger’s and saw who she really was. He loved her for her. These two were meant to be together.

It was refreshing to see Enid and Fred write old school letters back and forth through the mail as form of communication. This day in age with texting and email that is lost on this generation.
Kudos to the graphic artist who designed the cover it is beautiful! It immediately caught my eye and needed to know what the book was about.

At the end of this book Rebecca does give some references to Asperger’s. Many are documentaries and some books.

This book would be great turned into a Hallmark Christmas Channel Movie. It has a lot of great elements to be a big hit. I would definitely watch it!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Review:A Christmas Date By Camilla Isley

The Christmas Date 
By Camilla Isley 
Review written by HeidiLynn's BookReviews

First, I want to thank Camilla Isley, Pink Bloom Press, and NetGalley for providing me with this book so I may bring you this review.

Thanksgiving is over now this time of year is for watching Hallmark Channel Christmas Movies, listening to Pop Christmas music on the radio, and curling up on the couch with a good cup of hot tea and Camilla Isley’s new Christmas Book a Christmas Date (A Festive Holidays Romantic Comedy) First Comes Love Series Book 3. I was craving to read a Christmas book and this had every element that I was searching for and more.

Review: The Bug Jar by Ava Black

Author Ava Black 

The Bug Jar 
by Ava Black 
Review written by HeidiLynn's BookReviews

First, I want to thank Ava Black and NetGalley for providing me with this book so I can bring you this review.

I am a huge fan of psychological thrillers but never have I read a prologue to a book that shocked me so much as this Ava Black’s The Bug Jar. Warning to readers you may want to skip this section of the book. With that being said dang what a way to start off the book!! You not only shocked the heck out of me you got my total and undivided attention. He was a sick and troubled kid and well it made for a good story!!

This book touches on a very important topic mental illness. Ava brings up stalking, bipolar disorder, depression, animal cruelty by the hands of his owner.

Sam quick wit sarcastic humor made me laugh out loud. Especially about Sam’s take on makeup and her customers buying her makeup products.

I loved how Sam wanted a better life than the one she had. However, having an affair with the soon to be Mayor and hoping he will leave his wife wont work. Sam was delusional and had mental issues that she saw a shrink for.

I could totally see this being an independent movie at the small movie theaters. I think it would do well actually.

Ava’s description, attention and ability to tell a story that is totally outside the box that has never been done before is incredible.

I absolutely loved the cover of the book. It captured the essence of not only the title but the feel of the book as well. Kudos to the graphic artist and the one who came up with the idea.

If you like books about cheating spouses, death of a child, unstable individuals, political campaigns, police investigations, troubled youth, stalkers, then this book might be for you.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Review: Here and Gone by Ann Simas

Author Ann Simas


Here & Gone
The Truth is Not Always There
by Ann Simas
Review written by Heidi Lynn's Book Reviews

First, I want to thank Ann Simas for providing me with this book so I may bring you this review.

Here & Gone the Truth Is Not Always True by Ann Simas  by far is the best book I have ever read by her. I have been a fan of her Christmas books for a few years now. However, mystery suspense genre is my favorite genres to read. So, when she came out with this book, I knew I had read it. Ann exceeded my expectations in this book. Keep writing mystery-thriller-suspense with a love story thrown in. I should mention that Ann does write paranormal too (not a genre I am a fan of).

The book cover has a dark and eerie vibe to it and you wonder what the book is about. Looking at it you would think the genre was something for a horror book and not a mystery.

I love books that suck me in right at the beginning of the book and that is just how Here & Gone started for me!! Immediately, my heart ached for Hannah when you learned her husband and her 5-year-old son that he capsized on the boat. However, did they really? Many times, in the book I wanted to reach in and give her a hug.

Ann did an incredible job with this story! It had something for everyone! It had a budding romance, death, twists and turns galore, sexual tension, grieving widow, investigation, thinking you know someone but you are dead wrong.

I smiled when I saw the dogs name was Bowie. I couldn’t help think of David Bowie. Wondered if Ann named him after the late singer.

One of my favorite lines that made me crack up in the book was “Your life has turned into a Mary Higgins Clark Novel.”

I always love at the end of the book when the author talks about themselves. You can get a better sense of who they are as a person behind the book. For example she is an award-winning watercolorist and a budding photographer. Maybe one day she can incorporate her photography or watercolor painting as her book covers. I think her fans at least this one would love to.

At the end of the book Ann provides a way for you to contact her to let you know how you enjoyed the book by email or by Facebook.  I thought this was very cute she is asking for fun if you would like to submit of picture of you reading the book to send it to her. She will post it on her FAN page.

At the end of this book she throws in a little surprise for you all. A sneak preview of her sexy paranormal thriller Black Moon Rising.

My one negative of the book is that it was a tad long to be a single book. Most of her books are much shorter in length. I think it could have been made into two books for a series instead of just one. Maybe had a really big cliffhanger at the end of the first book.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Review:One On The Ground The Story of One Family Before, During and After Continental Flight 3407 Crashed Into Their Home

Author Karen Wielinski

Karen and her late husband Doug whom was killed in Flight 3407,

Karen speaking about what her husband loved to do.

RIP Doug and to all those who lost their lives that day. 

One On The Ground 
The Story of One Family Before, During and After Continental Flight 3407 Crashed Into Their Home written by Karen Wielinski 
Review written by HeidiLynn's BookReviews

First, I want to thank Karen Wielinski for providing me with this book so I can bring you this review.

This review is written in the memory of Doug Wielinski and all the lives lost in Continental Flight 3407. My thoughts and prayers go out to Doug’s wife Karen, his daughters, and the families that lost loved ones in Continental Flight 3407 in Clarence, NY.

One on The Ground the Story of One Family Before, During and After Continental Flight 3407 Crashed Into Their Homes by Karen Wielinski automatically caught my attention! Not just because it was a fascinating cover that caught my attention. Because this was a huge tragedy and news event that happened right in Clarence, NY not too far from where I lived in Williamsville, NY at the time! That day that I saw this book I was attending the Indie Author Book Signing Event at the Downtown Buffalo and Erie County Library. It was here where I got to meet the Karen Wielinski the author of the book and heard her side of the story! I was in shock and kept saying over and over I need to give you a hug for all that you went through. Sure, enough I got that hug! It was right there and then I knew I must read and review her book.

Through everything Karen has been through over all she is a very strong woman. She has poured her heart and soul into this book and it shows. It is incredibly detailed by the dates and what happened during that time frame. This is not just her story about what happened, the amazing man her husband was, but Karen’s daughters’ reactions when they found the news to the accident and their father. 

This book is broken down into five parts and in each part are broken down into specific chronological dates. Part 1 is from February 2009-2010:  a journal of what they encountered each month, followed by pertinent stories past and present. Part 2 The 3407 Families: Her acceptance of her new family. Part 3 6038 Long Street: Karen’s involvement in the completion of the memorial and the connection with Long Street Residents. Part 4 The Trial: Events leading up to the trial and emotions swirling around legal processes. Part 5 Aftermath: Our life today.

In this book you will find beautiful pictures of the Wielinski Family, pictures of Karen and Doug on their wedding day and later on at Christmas, etc.

I am proud to be a Western New Yorker and to read how this town came together to help Karen and all the families of flight 3407!

Karen feels very blessed to have her daughters in her life and without them she would be lost. She thanks their husbands for putting up with all the Wielnski woman at once all the time.

She thanks the Clarence Central School District for Immediately stepping up following the crash. They were swamped with phone calls yet still provided them with continued support. They always maintained the upmost privacy during this time.

My ultimate favorite picture of Karen can be found on her author page. The caption reads “the bond of love unites us, and we celebrate life around us by Doug’s Spirit.”

Karen Wilenski is a freelance writer who lives in East Aurora, NY since 2010.  Along with the love of her daughters and grandchildren, she continues to be involved with her writing groups as they are her inspiration.

It is with Karen’s hopes that you get to see the happiness and love that she has shared with her family and Doug through the pages of this book. She wants to demonstrate the courage and the strength of the families of flight 3704. These people who were once ordinary have now become extraordinary through this tragedy.

This review is in Memory of Doug Wielinski.
May he RIP.

Doug had always had a love for history and sharing what he knew with others. After the crash Karen's daughter commented on how fitting that now he is a part of history. 

This is where the Douglas C Wielinski Fund was established in 2009 to provide assistance to students with genuine love for history. It is Karen's hope that some of the profits of this book will go to the fund as well. 

If you like to assist Karen in honoring her late husband by making a donation you may do so by contacting her at

Douglas C Wielinski Memorial Scholarship Fund
PO Box 241
East Aurora, NY

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Review: Tailor Made by Tasha Lewis

Author Tasha Lewis

Tailor Made 
By Tasha Lewis 
Review by HeidiLynn's BookReviews

First, I want to thank Tasha Lewis for providing me with this book so I may bring you this review.

After reading Tailor Made by Tasha Lewis all I have to say is where do I sign up for my own Tailor Made?! Tasha instantly made me fall head over heals deep in love with everything about Mason in this book!! Tasha’s debut novel was unlike anything I’d read before! The story line was very creative, had a lot of heart, and extremely fun to read. This book will have you smiling ear to ear!

Tasha’s beginning of the book when she wrote “For you believe in yourself dream big achieve”. That made me smile.

This book was so incredibly different than anything out there that I have ever read before. It had moments where I was laughing out loud, It had relatable characters, unique character names, the storyline was so very fresh and unique.

I saw a lot of Rayleigh in me in the fact that I have had not much luck in the men department either. I would pick men like she would and try to change their flaws. Realizing you can’t change anyone and they need to do it for themselves. I would be skeptical of this service just like she was. So, when I say the characters are real and relatable, I mean it.

You could tell by Tasha’s writing style that this book was very near and dear to her heart. She seemed very passionate about many of characters and it came across in the amazing stories.
I wanted to give Mason and Rayleigh a huge hug for they went through on how they both lost their parents.

I loved this quote in the book “I always thought that paperbacks were a dying art, but it always turns out they’re making a comeback. And having the book signed by the author makes the book even more valuable, or so Shelby Insets.”

The close bonds of friendship in this book I loved and admired. The best friendship between Kat and Rayleigh, brother and sister relationship in Mason and Shelby, and the budding relationship in Rayleigh and Mason.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Review: Mourning Routine Funeral Fakers Book 1

Author S.E. Babin

Book Trailer

Mourning Routine
Funeral Fakers 
Book 1
Written by S.E. Babin
Review by HeidiLynn's BookReviews

First, I would like to thank S.E. Babin for providing me with this book so I may bring you this review.

Mourning Routine The Funeral Fakers, Book 1 by S.E. Babin first caught my eye for the amazingly adorable cartoonish cover. Once I saw that I had to read the synopsis of the book. This was my first time reading from this author however came recommended by Melissa Storm. If you have read my reviews before you know I am huge fan of hers. So, If she suggests her she must be good. Needless to say she was correct! I found this book to be cute, funny at times, and very suspenseful like I like in my books. However, you would never guess that this would be a mystery book by looking at the cover. I guess you really cant judge a book by its cover.

It was extremely comical to me that an unemployed Actress would be hired to play the part of a dead guys girlfriend to please their family. It literally was a role of a lifetime and she went above and beyond in this role. This book had twists and turns at every corner. Some you didn’t see coming in fact.

One thing I loved about this book was it was a brand new fresh idea. It was totally out of the box thinking. Nobody has ever thought of this concept before. Some parts will touch your heart, some will make you laugh out loud, some will tear you up inside with hurt, some parts will make you smile, and some will have you on the edge of your seat.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Review: Discovery In The Woods by Sandy Barton

Author Sandy Barton

Sandy Barton discussing her book

Discover In The Woods 
By Sandy Barton
Review by HeidiLynns BookReviews

First, I want to thank Sandy Barton for providing me with this book so I may bring you this review.

Sandy Barton wrote an extremely cute book called Discovery in the Woods. This book is the first book in a series of four books. This book is unique and creative in the fact that a little boy discovers a little Leprechaun in the woods. During the book they form an extremely strong friendship.

I love how the book was dedicated to her 5th grade students whom heard the story and choose to believe.

I have reviewed children’s books In the past. However, she did something no other author I have come across has done. She gave tips on what to do before reading the book. For example: find a comfy place to read and get all comfy (that is very important), Look at the cover and gather all the information of the book that you can before starting. She also gives you tips while you read it like switch up the voices of the characters in your head, turn the words into pictures in your mind, etc. When you finish the book go tell someone about it. However, don’t spoil the ending for them.

I loved how Sophie found a Leprechaun in the woods two weeks till St. Patrick’s Day. Boy was he a feisty little man!! He went by CW McAllister.

One of my fave lines was “Well, I ain’t one of those talking mushrooms, am I.”

I laughed every time Mr. McAllister called Sandy Big One seeing Mr. McAllister was small.

I loved how Mr. McAllister was going to spend St. Patrick’s Day at Sandy’s school. In return Sandy was going to spend the evening having dinner with 152 of their community members. That was good compromise.

Sandy Barton the author is a retired elementary school teacher at Forest Elementary School Teacher in Buffalo, NY. She loved telling her students about the Leprechaun’s in her woods.

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