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Saturday, July 20, 2019

Review: Never Say Goodbye by Mandi Blake

Book Summary
Lindsey Payne left her small, southern hometown six years ago for the bright lights of New York City with big dreams of becoming an actress. Now, she’s returning to Georgia with regrets and hoping to steer clear of those she’s wronged. 

Dakota Calhoun fills his days with work to keep his mind busy. The last thing he wants is time to dwell on the past or the mistakes he made. When a ghost from his past comes barreling back into his life, everything gets harder—and more dangerous. Now, Dakota is struggling to stay on the straight and narrow. 

Dakota and Lindsey have a past as long as their memories, but their future is tied up in old wounds. They’ll have to decide if they can forgive each other and themselves. Can they overcome the past and have the future they always wanted?

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Review: Why She Lied by Julie Coons

Author Julie Coons

JULIE COONS lives in a small town in Oregon. THIS DOES NOT LEAVE THIS HOUSE was her debut memoir. Amy's bookshelf reviews awarded it the #1 position for top 10 books of 2018. Her second book WHY SHE LIED is based on a true story. Her books are written to lead a movement toward positive change. She tells the stories of her life with honesty and strength. 

I write about my life hoping to inspire positive change in the world. I write in a very honest and sometimes emotional way. I have been threatened into silence far too long. It's time to get these secrets out into the open and end the cycle of abuse in families once and for all.  My latest book "Why She Lied" is also based on stories in my life and shines a light on human trafficking.  I really have lived through a lot of things in my life.  I consider myself more of a story teller than a writer although I am working hard to improve my writing skills every day.  Until then, I hire the best editors money can buy.   

Book Trailer of Why She Lied

Book Summary

Will she have to lose her child to save her child?

The day she tells her boyfriend she’s pregnant, is the same day he tells her he’s been accused of molestation. His trial is set to begin the following day.

She needs answers…

To get them, she tricks her boyfriend into signing a release form, giving her full access to all of his legal documents. She uncovers the truth, he’s guilty.

To save her unborn child from this monster, she gets an abortion.

FIVE YEARS LATER and still rebuilding her life, Julie finds out her ex-boyfriend has just become the most wanted man in America, involved in human trafficking. When detectives ask for her help locating him, she gets drawn into a baffling mystery. What began as a seemingly simple search soon turns into a much darker reality.

Someone from her past is watching…

Bit by bit, the tapestry of her own secret childhood begins to unravel. What she learns about her past will haunt her forever: family isn’t always what it seems.

Can she help bring this predator to justice, or will she die trying?

WHY SHE LIED is a gripping psychological thriller full of mystery, intrigue, and buried secrets. 

Why She Lied
Julie Coons
Review by HeidiLynn's BookReviews

First, I want to thank Julie Coons for providing me with this book so I may bring you this review.

Julie Coons is an incredibly strong and brave woman to share her very intense and powerful story with the world in Why She Lied. This book is not only on my must read of the year-but-my all time favorite read of the year. It is one of those psychological thrillers that will totally shock you, blow you away, make you cringe, make you cry (at least I did), but then you have to remember-this is someone’s true story! This actually happened to someone!! Then all I wanted to do was hug Julie and never let her go.

I will be blunt this is a dark and twisted book. This is not a feel-good book at all! It is a book with a lot of issues that I feel need to be discussed in the review in case it is a trigger for the readers. This book deals with pedophile, sex and human trafficking, rape by nuns and priests at a Catholic School, Abortion and the aftermath of it, narcissistic parents, murder, lots of secrets, molestation, etc. This is not a book for just anyone. This went beyond any #MeToo book I have ever read before.

Julie blew me away with this book. Right away she captured my attention with the book. She mentioned she is in an Em-path and has a caring heart. This is why she went into the medical field. I too have that trait and I too was in the medical field. In the beginning of the book she discussed many medical cases she worked on. This part of the book very much intrigued me to no end. I love medical themed books as well. So I was loving this book.

She continued to capture my interest throughout the book. Why She Lied was one of the books with the most secrets, shockers, twists and turns. This was the first book I was ever truly scared to death for the character and cried my eyes out at the end for her. I wanted to hold her and be there for her at the end of all this.

Single ladies be careful who you choose to date!!! Not everyone is who you seem!!
Julie Coons Why She Lied needs to make it to the big screen or even NetFlix Original! This movie has to be made. I am so incredibly passionate about this book and this author!! This has blockbuster written all over it!! You just have to read the book to see what I am talking about.

I honestly hope by writing this that she was able to heal from all of this. I also hope by writing this that it could help someone in this situation. 

Monday, July 15, 2019

Review: I've Got You by Becca Seymour

I've Got You - Becca Seymour

Becca Seymour has a new mm/bi romance out: I've Got You.

When a single dad and a newly outed veterinarian meet by chance, it takes red-cheeked conversations, a tentative friendship, and the willingness to put their hearts on the line to show these men they’re made for each other.

Single dad Davis Jackson is busy balancing his coffee shop and being the best dad he can be. That doesn’t mean he’s not lonely. After a fumbling encounter with a man who looks as gorgeous as he does unhappy, Davis is left wondering who the mystery man is.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Review: Hidden Jipsie by Rachael Sircar

Author Rachael Sircar
Rachael Sircar is the author of the Data Driven series, as well as several stand alone novels, including Taking Pictures.
Her novels are written with a Christian mindset in dealing with earthly situations.

When not writing, she enjoys teaching second grade.
During school breaks, you will find Rachael tapping away at her laptop on her patio while watching the waterbirds, deer, and other delightful creatures meander around their own personal lake.
She loves camping, playing flute/percussion with the band at church, and spending quality time with friends, but especially teaching. She absolutely loves to work with her kiddos.

Rachael has been married to a wonderful man for over twenty years and has two amazing children and a spoiled rotten dog.

Review: I Saw Him Standing There by Holly Kerr Oceanic Dreams Series Book 1

Author Holly Kerr

Holly Kerr grew up as a country girl but now calls Toronto home. After 'retiring' from her job to raise her three kids, Holly jumped into writing very quietly while her kids took very long, enforced naps. Now the author of eleven books, ranging from action-packed Chick Lit, fun rom-com/mom-com, and sister-saga woman's fiction, she has even tried her hand at writing middle-grade dragon tales for her kids. Holly stays awake with countless cups of tea, the occasional Pepsi, before-dinner wine, and a weekly dirty martini.

Review: Yield to Me by Audrey Rush

Author Audrey Rush

Audrey was born in California and studied writing in Las Vegas, but currently lives in a quiet Southern beach town where she raises her daughter and snuggles her husband. She writes dark romance novels and erotic short stories during nap time, and reads anything and everything after the little one goes to bed. Audrey believes that the best stories have strong (& perhaps stubborn) female characters who eventually find love, usually with the help of some blindfolds, handcuffs, & a life-changing orgasm.

Audrey loves mac & cheese, chocolate cake, and jogging equally. In her opinion, a well-placed curse word is like a glass of wine after the baby goes to bed: sensually sweet, & makes you feel sassy.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Review: The Scent for Love by Sophia Knightly

Author Sophia Knightly
New York Times & USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance novels, Sophia Knightly, loves to transport readers from everyday life into happily ever afters. A BookBub featured author, her modern novels feature hot alpha heroes and strong smart women and are laced with humor, international appeal and a dash of glamour. 
Her popular Tropical Heat Series and Heartthrob Series books have consistently been on bestseller lists and continue to grow in readership. 
Sophia is passionate about writing books that end with a sigh and a smile. She loves traveling, foodie adventures, and appreciates the arts in all forms. 
One of her favorite pastimes remains simply watching people, especially those in love!

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Review:The Moment Between by Gareth Frank

Author Gareth Frank
Gareth Frank is a former union organizer and administrator. He received a Master's Degree at the University of Wisconsin and later studied at the Writer’s Center in Bethesda, Maryland. The Moment Between is his first published novel. His short stories have been published in various journals and have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize as well as the Silver Pen Write Well Award.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Review: The Scandal by Nicola Marsh

Book Summary

My life is like one of those cheap snow globes my twins collected when they were younger. Shiny and pretty on the outside, blurred beyond recognition when shaken.Ever since her twin girls left home, Marisa has felt there’s something missing from her life. Her sprawling mansion is no longer filled with laughter and chaos, and she’s desperate to feel needed... and to be distracted from the secret she’s been hiding from her husband for all these years.Coffee with her best friends might be the only thing holding Marisa together. But Claire and Elly have their own secrets. Like why Claire hasn’t been to work in weeks, or why Elly won’t tell anyone who’s buying her flowers.When Jodi, a pregnant young girl, turns up at Marisa’s doorstep, Marisa is quick to come to her aid. She sees herself in Jodi and she knows how devoting yourself to looking after others can take up all your time in the most marvellous way.But Jodi’s arrival quickly pushes everyone’s lies to the surface. The father of her unborn child is someone the women know very well, and Marisa starts to wonder if her obsession with helping Jodi might come at a devastating price…The Scandal has a twist that will take your breath away. An emotionally charged novel about secrets, affairs and perfect small towns from USA Today bestseller Nicola Marsh, that will be devoured by fans of Kerry Fisher, Big Little Lies and The Other Woman.

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