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Monday, February 25, 2019

Review: Only Daughter By Sarah A. Denzil

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Book Summary
Your daughter is dead.’

When Kat Cavanaugh hears the words every mother dreads, her perfect world shatters. She takes in the beautiful long blonde hair, torn yellow dress and chipped blue nail-varnish. It can’t be real.

And then the police add the word ‘suicide’. But Kat refuses to believe them. 

Even when they show her the familiar looping handwriting and smudged ink on the note her little girl left behind. She knows her bubbly, vivacious daughter would never take her own life.

As she searches Grace’s perfume-scented room, filled with smiling photos, she uncovers secrets her daughter had been hiding. Secrets that make her wonder how well she really knew the woman her only child was becoming.

Kat’s determined to find out what really happened to Grace on the night she died, even if it means facing her own troubled past. But as she gets closer to the terrible truth, Kat finds herself faced with an unthinkable question: there was no way she could have protected Grace – or was there?

Author Sarah A. Denzil

Only Daughter

By Sarah A. Denzil

Review written by HeidiLynn's BookReviews

First, I want to thank Sarah A. Denzil, Bookouture, and NetGalley for providing me with this book so I may bring you with this review.

Only Daughter by Sarah A. Denzil is an extremely gripping and emotional Psychological thriller with a jaw-dropping twist. Words can’t describe what an incredible Psychological Thriller writer Sarah A. Denzil is. Her prologue alone blew me away with Grace’s extreme details and descriptions of how she is laying there in the middle of nowhere left for dead and dying! Not to mention the remorse of how everything she felt was wrong. It was the best prologue I had ever read before in this genre! After reading that prologue, I needed to know what happened to Grace and I would not put my book down til I found out what happened to her.

Kudos to the cover graphic artist who did the cover for this book. I thought it was beautiful and really liked the heart charm necklace and the blue backdrop. However, there was no significance to the heart necklace mentioned in the story to tie in with the cover. I would have liked to seen that pay a part of it.

This book does cover some difficult subjects that may be triggers for some readers. Those topics include: Suicide, cyber bullying, drug abuse, inappropriate teacher/student relationship, teenage pregnancy, infidelity, etc.

This is one book that must be made into a NetFlix original!! It has so many great aspects to be a big smash hit on so many levels!

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Review:Because You're Mine By Rea Frey

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Book Summary 

But it’s the lies that keep you safe.

Single mother Lee has the daily routine down to a science: shower in six minutes. Cut food into perfect squares. Never leave her on-the-spectrum son Mason in someone else’s care. She’ll do anything--anything--to keep his carefully constructed world from falling apart. Do anything to keep him safe.

But when her best friend Grace convinces her she needs a small break from motherhood to recharge her batteries, Lee gives in to a weekend trip. Surely a long weekend away from home won’t hurt?

Noah, Mason’s handsome, bright, charismatic tutor--the first man in ages Lee’s even noticed--is more than happy to stay with him.

Forty-eight hours later, someone is dead.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Review: Chasing Trust (A Harper Family Romance Book 3) By Nancy Stopper

Chasing Trust
Harper Family Series, Book 3
Author: Nancy Stopper
Release Date: February 27, 2019


The world is his home, she’s afraid to trust those who she can’t hold close. Can the two of them find a way to make their ten year long fantasies a reality?

Serena Harper leads a good life, rescuing animals that need saving. After her high school boyfriend cheated on her and discovering her father’s betrayal, she’s content to live her life alone. She’s known the men in Cedar Hill her entire life, and she can’t trust someone who doesn’t stay put.

She reconsiders everything she held true when Chase walks back into her life.

World-renowned photojournalist, Edward “Chase” Foster’s home is the world, only staying in one place long enough to share the struggles of the world through his photographs. His work has taken an emotional toll, so he jumps at the chance to work an easy assignment—a charity calendar for a local animal shelter. He certainly didn’t expect to run into the girl who intrigued him from the day he met her ten years ago on the Atlantic City boardwalk.

The girl whose image has accompanied him around the world.

Now that Chase and Serena have reunited, they are determined to find a way to be together. To explore the attraction that has been lingering below the surface for all these years. But is Serena ready to let go of her deep-seeded trust issues in order to open her heart to Chase? Is Chase willing to put down roots after all these years? Will both of them compromise for a chance at forever?

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Formats: ebook on Amazon in Kindle Unlimited
Length: 270 pages

About the Author:
Living in beautiful northern Virginia, Nancy dreams of small-town living where the everyone knows everyone else (including their business) and neighbors wave when you pass. Since she doesn’t live in one, she creates them for everyone else to enjoy through her books.

She’s a mom to (almost) 2 college students and 1 middle schooler who has spent more hours at the baseball field and the dance studio than she cares to admit. With her husband, her primary goal is to finish raising her 3 kids into productive adults!

Nancy writes small-town contemporary romance with sexy heroes and strong heroines. Her books tug at your emotional heartstrings and leave you with a warm feeling that lingers long after the last page. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, Washington Romance Writers, and Virginia Romance Writers.

Excerpt 1:

Serena didn’t know how much longer she could hold on to the shelter with their current level of funding. The town had a small line-item in their budget for basics… and the donation fees she charged helped out a lot. But there were more animals than ever in need of saving, and she was just one person. She couldn’t save every animal in the world, as much as she’d like to. To give each of them the loving home they deserved.

Thankfully, the building had a small cabin out back that she’d made her own, meaning she didn’t have a rent payment every month. And she ate more meals at her mom’s or siblings’ houses than she should. Anything to have a few more dollars free to help the animals.

But it wasn’t a sustainable living. And it certainly didn’t give her the option of imagining her future family like her siblings had found. If she wanted a family. She loved her brother and sisters but growing up with her father was not a childhood she would wish on anyone.

She checked her watch. Where was this photographer anyway? Maybe he’d caught one glimpse of her little shelter out in the middle-of-nowhere-Pennsylvania and high-tailed it back to wherever he came from. She wouldn’t be surprised. Why would an internationally-acclaimed photographer want to do something as simple as take photos of dogs for a calendar anyway?

Not that she was complaining—just skeptical.

Serena collected Sadie out of her kennel. Most of her dogs were mutts, and Sadie was no exception. From what she could figure, there had to be some terrier mix in her, but it was hard to tell. It didn’t matter. Serena loved them all and besides, mutts made for better pets. She didn’t know why so many people insisted on paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a purebred dog when a cutie like Sadie would love them just as much, if not more. And it only cost a small token amount to help keep the shelter running.

She dug her nose into Sadie’s fur. “Yeah, sweetie, wouldn’t you love someone to take you home and love you?”

“I know I would.”

She screamed and hopped to her feet at the sound of the deep male voice behind her…
Excerpt 2:

They strolled down the boardwalk, their hands swinging between them as they shared a huge stick of pink cotton candy. Strands of the spun sugar caught on the corner of her mouth and when she licked her lips, it was all he could do not to kiss her right there in the middle of everyone. But he didn’t want to make her uncomfortable. He had to get her alone… and soon.

Chase wracked his brain for a place to be alone and then decided the Adirondack chairs would be the perfect location. They had worked last time, it was worth exploring it now.

He guided her down the wide, concrete stairs to the hard-pressed sand and before long, found the row of chairs. Yep, they were exactly where they had been then, too. Serena looked to him and in that minute, he knew that everything he’d done in the past ten years had led to this moment with Serena. He hadn’t been the man he needed to be back then, restless, arrogant with restless feet, ready to explore the world. And besides, she had been too young for him. But she had grown too and was now exactly who he needed in his life.

He guided her into one of the huge Adirondack chairs and then slid in beside her, his arm snaking around her shoulders and pulling her close.

She turned, her gaze landing on his, her eyes dancing with excitement. “This feels like that day we met all over again.”

“I wanted to recreate that day because it meant so much to me. I thought maybe we could start over as the people we are now.”

“That was one of the best days of my life, too. For a long time, I searched for your face in every crowd, thinking that maybe you’d found your way back to me. It just took a little longer than I expected.” She bit her lip, hesitant with what she was getting ready to say. That was okay. He could be patient. “You were my first kiss. And you ruined me for anyone else. I tried, but none of them were you.” With those words, she settled into his side, his other arm circling her and pulling her into his embrace. Underneath the boardwalk, the sounds of the pier faded away and it was as if the world outside of their bubble no longer existed. For a long time, he stared out at the ocean, its waves crashing against the beach in a soothing rhythm, and then pulling back out to sea. In and out, back and forth, give and take. Much like life.

Eventually, the sun dipped down behind the skyscrapers that lined the street across from the beach, and long shadows stretched along the sand. If he could find a way, he would slow time and live in this perfect moment for a bit longer.

He shifted Serena so she was looking at him. His gaze traveled to her lips and her tongue swiped across them. That was all the invitation he needed. As her hands slipped around his neck, his slid to her waist, his fingers digging into her hips as he lowered his head. The minute his lips brushed hers, he was a goner.

Her mouth was soft against his, the sweet flavor of strawberry cotton candy on her lips. He tilted his head, this time sliding his tongue along the seam of her mouth. She hesitated a moment and then opened to him. He didn’t waste any time sweeping his tongue into her mouth, tasting her, drinking her in. Her arms tightened around his neck, like she needed the support. Thank God they were sitting down. Otherwise his knees would surely buckle from the depth of sensation. After all these years, after what he’d seen in the world, he’d come full circle, back to the girl that inspired him.

He squeezed her waist, his fingers itching to slide up her torso, to palm her perfect breast. But he hesitated. She’d placed her trust in him today, and he knew her inner struggle after he’d waited so long to tell her who he was. He wasn’t about to betray that trust. Besides, now that he was staying in Cedar Hill for a little while, he’d have plenty of time to explore every inch of her body.

And he had every intention of doing exactly that. When she was ready.

Chasing Trust
A Harper Family Romance Book 3
By Nancy Stopper
Review by Heidi Lynn's BookReviews

First, I want to
thank Nancy Stopper for providing me with this book so I may bring you this

Chasing Trust is
Nancy Stoppers third book in the Harper Family Romance Series. It can be read
as a standalone or as part of the series. Out of all three of the books in this
series so far this one by far was my favorite and left a smile on my face.

If you have a soft
spot for dogs then Nancy wrote the book for you! Serena is very passionate
about the dog shelter that she runs. She has a huge heart of gold for all of
the dogs that she takes care of there and at home.

Nancy wrote an
incredible story involving two wonderful characters Chase and Serena that were
from two different backgrounds. They met by chance when they were young and
reconnected years later. Plus, the ups and downs of life that always gets in
never forgot eachother growing up. This is their story on how they met and
the way. It is a story that will make you believe in fate, destiny and love.

I absolutely loved
that Serena twin sister was an author who wrote psychological thrillers. Those are
my absolute favorite genres of books to read.

Amanda Kelsey of Razzle
Dazzle Designs needs to be commended for the breathtaking cover of Chasing
Trust.  The colors that were chosen for
the cover were beautiful. Not to mention the couple on the front represent
Chase and Serena perfectly. Well done Amanda!

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Review: Love at Last by Dorothy Ewels

Love At Last by Dorothy Ewels

Cover Design:Raven Designs
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: February 22, 2019

Review: Reborn by Jenna Green

Those who bear marks on their skin are doomed to a life of slavery. Lexil has seven. 

Sold into servitude, Lexil must deal with brutal punishments, back-breaking labor, and the loss of every freedom. When a young child she has befriended faces a horrible fate, Lexil must intervene to protect her, no matter what the risk. 
With the help of a boy named Finn, the trio flee into the Wastelands. There, they must evade those who hunt them while trying to survive a barren landscape. Lexil must face challenges she's never imagined existed, all while learning what it means to truly be reborn. 

The Red Queen meets The Hunger Games in this stunning new release. Buy REBORN now to find out if being branded a reborn is a myth, a curse... or a destiny.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Review: Restless by Michelle Bellon

By Michelle Bellon
#Romance #Contemporary #NA #HEA


You grow up. You get married. You have a family. That’s what Malea Winters believes she’s supposed to do. So why is it every time she comes close to finding that happily ever after, she runs?

When she meets Garrett Taylor, she warns him that she’s not the marrying type. History has shown that long-term relationships are not her forte. She has a tendency to leave when things get too serious; the direct result of being raised by an emotionally detached mother and a stepdad with philandering ways. So, she swears off men and surrounds herself with her best friends; three quirky, funny women who are facing their own challenges. But Garrett is everything she’s ever looked for; charming, successful, fun, and sexy.

Despite her better judgement, his persistence pays off and she finds herself falling for him. Learning how to love and be loved will be the hardest lesson she’s ever faced. The question is, will her relationships survive that lesson?

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Review: Lure A Novel

In the cold harsh winter of the Canadian Prairies a secret is about to be unearthed. Medical resident John Mueller finds himself serendipitous in possession of a professor’s coveted research. On the run, John evades enemies and authorities, unsure of who he can trust along the way. John must decode the professors past in order to understand the magnitude of what he has uncovered. While searching for explanations he ignites a new romance and rekindles an old one. But as John begins to realize the magnitude of his discovery, the ultimate decision of how to proceed with this knowledge is far from clear. As he struggles to predict the ramifications of the research, he will ultimately shoulder the responsibility of deciding whether its knowledge will benefit humanity or accelerate its path to destruction.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Review: Wrecked (Willow Creek Book 2) by A.K. MacBride

Author of romances that leave you with ALL the feels.

She likes her coffee big and strong and her chocolate sinfully dark.
Living in a small town in South Africa, she’s afforded the luxury of being surrounded by mountains and waking up to birds singing their morning songs.
In addition to her coffee and chocolate obsession, she can’t say no to cheesecake or pastry.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Review: Chameleon by Tasche Laine

Recently divorced Tara Spencer is a devoted single mom to her eleven-year-old daughter and is still healing from her failed marriage of 14 years. As she embarks on an exciting new career, the last thing she needs is a man in her life.

When she meets Dr. Geoffrey Jensen, a handsome and charming psychotherapist, he isn’t what he seems. Adept at manipulation, Geoffrey toys with Tara’s mind compelling her to change for him.

When Tara discovers his shocking secret, will she find the courage to get out in time or will it be too late?

Chameleon is a nail-biting suspenseful domestic thriller sure to keep you up at night until you reach the last page.

Friday, February 8, 2019

Review: Before She Was Found by Heather Gudenkauf


Before She Was Found 
By Heather Gudenkauf 
Review written by HeidiLynn's BookReviews

First, I want to thank Heather Gudenkauf, Harlequin Trade Publishing and NetGalley for providing me with this book so I may bring you this review.

Heather Gudenkauf is back to bring her fan this fast paced, gripping, intense, and thrilling phycological thriller in Before She Was Found. Heather will shock you to the very core in all the secrets in this book. You will be hugging your son, daughter, niece or nephew a little tighter guaranteed.

The cover of the book is totally spot on to the book. Kudos to the graphic designer who designed this.

Many times, in the book I had to keep reminding myself that these girls in the book were only 12 years old. So young to be dealing with adult situations like they were. Cora getting attacked and left for dead on the train tracks and her best friend Violet found nearby just in total shock! Heather did an incredible job when it came to the raw emotions the parents and siblings were feeling.

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