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Thursday, June 3, 2021

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 The teenage girl in the picture has bright eyes and a smudge of chocolate on her chin. It’s her birthday and she looks self-consciously beautiful in her floral party dress. But nobody has seen this girl’s sweet smile for days. She has vanished without a trace.

Enclosed by endless beaches and crashing waves, the sleepy little island of Martha’s Vineyard is a place where everyone knows each other’s name and locals can leave their front doors unlocked at night without worry. But everything changes the day that Samantha Clayton leaves for an afternoon bike ride along the cliff tops, and never comes home.

Detective Abby Pearce has the difficult job of interviewing the girl’s grieving mother and silent stepfather. But why can’t they answer simple questions about what Samantha was wearing the day she went missing, or who her friends were? Did her family know her at all?

Then a girl’s bright pink shoe is discovered buried on a local beach. What if Samantha is not the first innocent teenager to be taken, but the latest? Another victim is found dead days later, and the terrified residents demand to know what’s happening to their children. But the killer is already planning his next move and more young lives will be taken if Abby doesn’t figure out what secrets this small town is hiding…

An absolutely unputdownable and nail-biting crime thriller that will have you racing through the pages. Perfect for fans of Lisa Regan, Kendra Elliot and Gregg Olsen.

I am a New York City author who writes mystery thrillers under the pen name of Dana Perry - and also as R.G. Belsky. My latest thriller for Bookouture is HER OCEAN GRAVE, the first in a series featuring Detective Abby Pearce. 

Her Ocean Grave
Dana Perry
Heidi Lynn’s Book Reviews

First, I want to thank Dana Perry, Bookouture and NetGalley for providing me with this book so I may bring you this review.

Her Ocean Grave by Dana Perry is unlike no other missing child case that I have read before-and I have read a lot of them. Even in the prologue you get the strong vibe that this isn’t your typical book. 

This is the story of missing Samantha Claymore. Things I found odd about this case was her Mother “said” she was close with her but honestly knew nothing about her daughter when questioned. The Mother got defensive about her late husband (Sam’s Father) and well the current husband was a jerk in my eyes. Just things didn’t add up and seemed shady on that front. 

My heart went out to Samantha on learning how her Dad passed. However, even that story seemed fishy.

I loved how Dana chose Martha’s Vineyard to be the backdrop to his storyline in Her Ocean Grave. I have been there once as a teenager and it is beautiful. 

The story about Claymore Cosmetics and how it came to be I found very interesting.

I commend Detective Pearce for standing his ground and not being tempted to have a drink. 


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