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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Review: Mummy’s Boy By J.A. Andrews #BOTBSPublicity #HeraBooks #NetGalley

No one can love a son like his mother…
Patricia Mullner is trapped in a nightmare no parent should ever experience. Three years ago, 17-year-old son Andrew vanished without trace. There was no note, no goodbye and no body has ever been found, and now her days are spent in a fog of heartache and alcohol, crying to husband Thomas about their lost boy.
But Patricia is more than just a grieving mother, and as Andrew’s disappearance starts to unravel the perfect family she’s built with Thomas, it seems that the actions of her past may be back to haunt her.

Because someone is watching from the shadows – someone who knows exactly what Patricia is hiding. Someone who will stop at nothing to take revenge – and might just hold the key to Andrew’s disappearance…
An absolutely gripping psychological thriller with a shocking twist in the tale. Readers of My Lovely Wife, KL Slater and B.A. Paris will not be able to put this one.

Mummy’s Boy By J.A. Andrews
Review by Heidi Lynn Book Reviews

First, I want to thank JA Andrews, Hera Books,NetGalley and BOTBSPublicity for providing me with this book so I may bring you this review.

WOW!!! JA Andrews has an incredible gift of writing psychological thrillers in the debut novel of Mummy’s Boy! I was just blown away by everything in this book and need to read more by this author. Needless to say I am an instant huge fan!!

Dedicated to my mother, Susan Barry, and to my sister, Sarah Parker. Two great mothers in their own right.

The cover on this book was so eerie and evil looking. I totally loved it!! You just knew by looking at this cover it was going to be a twisted book. 

This book dealt with some serious issues that may trigger some readers. Mummy’s Boy dealt with suicide, alcoholism, physical abuse, runaways, stalkers, drug abuse, etc. 

I loved this book from the prologue when she was so happy to have the baby and love just poured out for him. My heart just melted for Trish!

Then the book jumps to modern day and you learn Andrew ran away and never came home! For most of the book my heart ached for Trish. However, her true colors were revealed as you went deeper into the book. Oh the twists and turns in this book were shocking, mind blowing, and devastating for all of those involved!!

JA did an incredible job making her readers wondering what really happened to Andrew!! The suspense with that storyline was killing me. 

The book goes from modern day to back in the day. You also have chapters that is from Trish’s perspective to Thomas’s. 


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