May 10, 2024

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Bookstore owner Lucy Sullivan is a third-generation resident of tiny Heron Island, and she’s tired of outsiders coming in and destroying their small-town charm in the name of progress. The town wasn’t enough for her mother—or more recently, her ex-fiancé—but it’s been the one constant in her life, and she’s not going to sit by while it’s destroyed.

Logan Lancaster was brought in to find a profitable solution to the town’s failing budget. Lucy is a worthy opponent, and he knows he can help both the town and her struggling bookstore if only she wasn’t so stubborn. He can’t make the mistake of mixing business and pleasure again though. After all, choosing love over business had blown up in his face back in San Diego, and this is his last chance to salvage his career.

Unbeknownst to them, they’re falling in love through anonymous notes exchanged in books left in the town’s Little Free Library as Island Girl and Gatsby’s Ghost.

As they spar over the town’s waterfront, Logan helps Lucy with some ambitious plans for her bookstore. Their connection grows, but Logan must grapple with whether to reveal his true identity to Island Girl when he uncovers the truth or leave as planned. Lucy, fearing abandonment, faces the biggest risk of her life—trusting that love will make Logan stay.

Will Logan choose love over ambition, or will their secrets tear them apart? Find out in this heartfelt contemporary romance, where a Little Free Library holds the key to love and the courage to take a chance. 💌

I’m a published nonfiction author with my debut novel due to come out May 7, 2024. I’m also currently editing my second novel and wriitng what I hope will be my third. They’re all small town romances set in fun, beachy locales. So, if you’re ready for a mental vacation, you’ve come to the right place!⁠

Now to let you in on my little secret…my legal name is Kristi Dosh. I decided to go with a pen name when I started writing romance. People have lots of reasons for choosing to use a pen name, but as you can tell mine wasn’t anonymity. ⁠

If you happen to know me already as Kristi, then you know I’ve spent more than a decade now as a sports business reporter for outlets such as ESPN and Forbes and have published a book on the business of college football under that name. ⁠It’s also the name I used in my former life as an attorney.

Having spent around 12 years building up my platform as a sports business expert, my website and social channels under my real name are all full of dedicated sports fans…who I love. But, they’re not exactly the same demographic that might want to read romance novels. 

So, I get to reinvent myself and be someone brand new, which I think will be a lot of fun. If you decide to follow me on this journey, I’m glad to have you along!

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The Library of Second Chances

Written By Savannah Carlisle 

Review By Heidi Lynn’s  Book Reviews

First, I want to thank Savannah Carlisle and Harpeth Road Press for providing me with this book so I may bring you this review.

WOW!! What a debut novel for Savannah Carlisle!! The Library of Second Chances literally felt like it was written just for us readers!! A good portion of this story was very relatable, put a smile on my face, even laughed a few times and made my heart happy. 

Kudos to the graphic designer Kristen Ingebretson who designed this cover for this book! It was so picturesque. 

Savannah would like to dedicate this book to her Mom and Dad. I laughed when Savannah said her Mom used to mark up all her writing with a red pen. High five to Savannah’s Dad who loves Hallmark movies too!! 

Instantly, within the first few paragraphs I had a smile on my face and knew I was going to be able to relate to the storyline. I absolutely adored the idea of the Little Free Library, how it came to be, and how it was different from all the others you may be familiar with. It was a very interesting and eye opening concept that I wish more would do in real life. 

If you are a history buff you may enjoy parts of this book. While I admit I am not a historical buff I did find some of it interesting and educational. 

I loved the written letters back and forth leading to a  budding friendship between Gatsby’s Ghost and Island Girl. The mystery was who exactly were writing them? This part of the book excited me! 


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