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Friday, March 29, 2019

Review Timothy Mean and The Time Machine by William A.E. Ford

Author William A.E. Ford

William has always had a passion for books, writing and story-telling.  William’s favorite way to end a cosy evening is to spend time dreaming up and reading bed-time stories to his five wonderful children.

Just one of his many stories, ‘Timothy Mean and the Time Machine’ was inspired by the spark of his children’s colorful imaginations as they tirelessly created unique, laughter filled days from even the most mundane, everyday objects and situations!

Born in England, William  currently lives in Oslo, Norway with his wife Silje and five children.
‘Timothy Mean and the Time Machine’ is William’s first published work and he plans to publish more books shortly.
William welcomes inquiries from agents and publishers.

With Timothy Mean’s amazing imagination and time machine, anything and anywhere is possible!

Join Timothy on a magical rhyming adventure as he skips through time and pranks with pirates, gets daring with dragons, and even teases a T-Rex!

“It’s Monday. Hip hip hooray! Where shall we travel in time today?

With Timothy Mean, every day is a rhyme in time!

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Timothy Mean and The Time Machine 
By William Ford
Review written by HeidiLynn's BookReviews
First, I want to thank William A.E. Ford for providing me with this book so I may bring you this review.

Timothy Mean and The Time Machine by William A.E. Ford was a very creative, adventure fun filled, and sometimes even comical read. Many children and us big kids at heart would really get a kick out of all the places Timothy goes in his time machine.

Marcelo Simonetti blew me away with his incredible illustrations and graphics in this book. Each picture was so incredibly detailed and lifelike. Marcelo is an incredible artist. Children will love these pictures as it will draw them more into the story.

One of my favorite parts of the book was when he goes back in time when his parents were kids at school and plays pranks on them. Thinking like a young kid I would think that would be funny.

There was one formatting issue that I had an issue with. I read this book on my Kindle as I usually do. The graphics were black, white and grey. The lettering was in some instances black and white. Some pages the wording was in white with the background being light grey. Those few pages were a little difficult to read. I am sure the print form does not have this issue.


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