Passionate reader who’s compassionate about giving back to authors who create incredible stories that help me escape reality. My reviews are honest, genuine and detailed. Genre’s I will consider Psychological Thrillers, Domestic Thrillers, True Crime, Medical Memoirs, Medical Thrillers, Woman’s Contemporary, Romance Suspense, YA (Romance and Medical themed), Holiday Books, LBGTQ, and Tear Jerkers

Praise For Heidi Lynn’s Book Reviews

Writers dream of having readers like you
-Stuart James author of Stranded

Heidi Lynn’s Book Reviews are in depth without giving away any spoilers.
- Diane Saxon author of What She Saw

Jessica Redland said...

Wow! Thank you so much, Heidi, for this gorgeous review of Starry Skies Over The Chocolate Pot Cafe. I actually became quite tearful reading it, touched by the parts and the quotes that had resonated with you. I'm thrilled that Tara's past blew your mind. I don't plan my stories. I know a rough storyline and I know my characters really well and they tell me about themselves as the story unfolds. Tara's backstory blew me away too and, as you say, it makes this story very different among the Christmas ones. A few readers haven't liked the turn it takes but most, like you, have been gripped by it and ultimately see Tara's journey for what it is; an uplifting read about someone overcoming extreme adversity. Your words are so kind and mean a lot to me. Thank you ever so much
Jessica x

Thank you Heidi! You’ve read so many books and I’m honored to be one of your top favorites!
Georgina Cross- The Step Daughter

Wow, Heidi Lynn! BQB Publishing's Marketing Manager just sent me the NetGalley review you wrote about my book. Thank you so very much - and I am beyond thrilled to know it made you laugh.  With everything going on in the world, it's kind of hard to get people to smile, let alone laugh, so please know how touched I am that my crazy story made you laugh!  (And if you want to read how absolutely unreal and crazy getting engaged and married as a senior citizen can be, check out my website at I wrote a novella called The Year of the Wedding that's posted there.)  Again, thank you, and stay safe!   Best wishes, Becky

Becky Andersen


Thank you so much for your review! I’ve just read it and it made my heart swell up, I’m so glad you liked the writing and themes of my story :) - Marco Donati Pages I Never Wrote 

                 So grateful that you enjoyed their story! This was the most touching and heartfelt review I've   received. It gave me the feels. ☺️ I thank you so much for your support. It means the world to me. 

T.L. Bradford True Faith 

Thank you Heidi for taking the time to read and review my book: ONE DAY I WILL FIND YOU. The review pointed out the different, important aspects of the book and I was overwhelmed by the effort you put into the review, not to mention the 5 stars!  Barbara Larriva

A special thanks Heidi for reviewing A SISTER’S BETRAYAL - THE PREQUEL TO ONE DAY I WILL FIND YOU. Once again you did a fabulous review and zeroed in on the many messages relevant to the world today. You are a gem.  Barbara Larriva

Heidi Lynn has the unique ability to safely guide readers to fiction which they’ll love. Regularly, she analyzes characters’ arcs and motives while conveying the themes through compelling text. She includes easily comprehensible summaries and opinions which help readers quickly decide whether the work is suited for them, but what’s more important is that her reviews are honest—which can be a rarity in this industry. As a reader, you can rely on Heidi to provide unfettered thoughts and perspectives about novels in multiple genres. She has the experience and knowledge to recommend great reads for all who love books. Ava Black-The Bug Jar, reviewed Nov. 2018

Heidi Lynn is recognized as one of the world’s most dedicated and passionate book reviewers. She has made a significant contribution of her time and energy to the Indie community. I was one of those authors that was fortunate enough to have her review my book. It was a difficult personal memoir for me to write. Heidi not only gave what I consider a fair review, she did it with compassion and kindness. I personally appreciate the work she has done, and I don’t think the Indie Community would be the same without her. - Daniella DeChristopher 

With all the craziness going on in the world right now it's nice to have a friend who has given so much with your wonderful book reviews that are enjoyed around the world. You make my day.

Being shut in and restricted in most of our everyday activities makes what you do even more important since reading the books we enjoy is one of the most treasured pastimes for many of us. Your candid and sometimes critical reviews helps us sort through new offerings so we can quickly pick and choose those that fit our needs. That my dear is what makes you and what you do extra special. 

I just hope more people who follow your site and enjoy your reviews will add to my comments since you deserve a lot more credit than you get. 

Stay well and safe... Rene Bouche' 

Author name:  Megan Pighetti

Book title:  Fairy-Tailed Wish

Praise for site: Heidi Lynn takes the time to really read the books she reviews thoroughly.  She contemplates her comments and puts her heart into her words.  It is clear she is passionate about giving back to authors and making sure readers are more knowledgeable about their purchase.  I highly recommend working with her or just connecting on social media to read her reviews.  

"Thank you for being so supportive to a new author like myself, I really appreciate that you read/reviewed my debut novel, Eat Me. It's been a pleasure to work with you. Thank you, Amber Dark."

HOLY MACKEREL! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Thank you thank you thank you thank you so very much for the review! I read everything on that review three times observing and absorbing the information.-Tyler McNamer

 -Syneca Featherstone OMG thank you Heidi Lynn Book Reviews!! You made ME cry :-)

This was the most beautifully written review I’ve ever received. It was full of insight, honesty and thoughtful commentary. Heidi Lynn paints a picture of the book in the most unique and glorious way. I’m forever grateful to her for her review of my story. 

If you love to read, Heidi Lynn’s Book Reviews is the blog you absolutely must follow. She will be my forever go-to girl for future books. Thank you Heidi Lynn. I will never forget what you’ve done for me. It is my pleasure to know you -Julie Coons 

You made me tear up with your sweet review. It means a lot to me that you put such effort and thought into what you wrote. I would absolutely love for you to review the rest of the series! - Audrey Rush

Heidi is a true book lover and will provide an honest review;   Michelle Duke - Candid Book Reviews

How cool is Heidi Lynn’s Book Reviews! Love her clear details on what she likes to read. Her favorite genres and topics she enjoys reading about. Plus the list of what she does not read. Wish all readers were this honest. -Deborah Taylor-French

Heidi was a great pleasure to work with, and her reviews are heartfelt. I appreciate all of her hard work, and look forward to working with her again soon. Keep up the amazing work you do!  -Rose Lange😊-

Heidi Lynn Book Reviews writes reviews with passion and conviction. She pores her heart and soul into her reviews, and her compassion for the characters (and the authors) she reviews speaks to  her kind heart. Her reviews are thorough without too many spoilers.- Tashe Simons

Heidi knows her stuff, for sure, and has a way of describing and reviewing a book that entices readers, rather than giving the plot away. I couldn't imagine reading as much as she does, but her experience proves itself in her ability to review honestly and concisely. She's one of the best at what she does!-Robert Kaufman 

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